Twitter New Features: Learn about the new features of Twitter Apps

Twitter New Features
Twitter New Features

Twitter New Features: Twitter has enabled a new feature for Android smartphones and Apple ios, for this, they have released a server-side, brought some great features to the new server and also updated the Twitter time line. New features have been shown that have been made in Android smartphones and Apple iPhones.

Twitter New Features: have been enabled to upload 4K image, its reservation has been given as 4096 * 4096 pixels. Earlier, the limit was only 2K pixels, but now you can also upload 4K images. . The resolution and quality of the mobile phone camera are also being given up, which is why Twitter has enabled the features of uploading 4K resolution images in view of this thing, you have to

use your Twitter settings to upload data in Hi Relation. Hi Reservation upload will need to be enabled. You can use these features with both wifi connectivity or mobile data.

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 There will also be some changes in the timeline of Twitter, there will be some different quality of high-resolution pictures. . Apart from this, we are also trying to improve the quality of the video, its quality will be able to upload in high definition 1080p soon. First you have to face a lot of problems in uploading 720 quality videos, but now all these things will be improved 


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