WhatsApp App may soon be able to change app colors

WhatsApp App
WhatsApp App

WhatsApp App: social media messenger is working on a new feature that has done that WhatsApp users will be allowed to change different colors in their chatting dashboard. Features will soon be seen in WhatsApp, as well as a deep set of green for text on the screen, in different colors,

WhatsApp Messenger and many other exciting features are being worked on recently or it was reported that WhatsApp Some features are working on which will also allow WhatsApp users to increase the playback speed of their Dhoni messages. This feature will be developed for all the people in the beta version for IOS.

 With the help of this improved features of WhatsApp, WhatsApp users will be able to speed up their voice notes and increase the speed of sound from 1x, 1.5x, 2x speed and can run

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WhatsApp App: WhatsApp reported to work on Ved Beta program for iPhone AYUSH users. Has been or was seen for Android users in January and now it continues to work on ISBT to allow WhatsApp users to keep their phones connected to the Internet without the ability to use multimedia devices ie whatsapp web in public Can be made available for

Wabetainfo reports that the multimedia device will be a part of the function that will later be made available by devices for other mobiles. If you want to join the WhatsApp beta program, you will be able to connect four disturbing devices simultaneously to each other. Portal will also be provided

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