whatsapp New Policy 2021: accept privacy policy by May 15 to continue using whatsapp

whatsapp New Policy 2021
whatsapp New Policy 2021

whatsapp New Policy 2021: WhatsApp has started sending new notifications to users, including that it may be reminded to accept new services and privacy policies. Facebook was scheduled to implement its new privacy policy on February 8, but given the time of concern from users Period of May 15,

 whatsapp New Policy 2021: WhatsApp will publish users’ private conversations with Facebook. Many WhatsApp users started moving to other messenger apps such as Telegram and Single,

 while issuing clarification in WhatsApp. Said chat is end to end encrypted and no one can access chat except receiver and pressure. Not even WhatsApp. Facebook-owned messaging app used various methods to educate people about new privacy. They took to Twitter Tweeted so that people can learn that your entire conversation is safe.

 Now WhatsApp users report that WhatsApp has started receiving information to accept privacy policies by May 15. People have started appearing on Twitter whether it is safe to accept or not.

 The updated new policy on WhatsApp is primarily for business users using the era on their platform according to the Facebook-owned message service, but if the policy is accepted, the app needs to provide user details such as their phone numbers and transactions. Data sharing will be allowed

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